Viva Sullivan

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My specialties are design and exhibition consultation, restoration and full custom and conservation framing.

I maintain my own studio, therefore, my overheads are low, allowing major savings to be passed on to clients. After many years in this business, I have a wide ranging knowledge of contemporary, antique and period styles. I prefer to use conservation glass, rather than plexiglass or regular glass, because it blocks harmful UV rays, thereby preventing fading and damage to photos and graphic art.

My forte is working with the warmth of hand-waxed polished wood, rather than the standard black lacquer frames generally used in the industry. I specialize in framing photography, incorporating Italian gold leaf, hand-wrapped fabric mats, ...all museum grade materials, as well as baroque mirror framing. My signature is using hand-made Italian papers for frame backing, rather than craft papers. I enjoy refurbishing collections of old photographs for example, to create exhibitions of family history.

Basically, there isn't anything I can't do in framing: restoration of oil paintings and vintage frames, resilvering of mirrors, stretching and realigning canvases, framing archival documents and materials, framing collectable manuscripts, early needlepoint samplers, engravings, pastels, as well as legal documents, i.e. degrees and diplomas.

Every job is an act of love.

Testimonials on request

Viva has recently received a Lifetime Honorary Membership
at the Wende Museum in Los Angeles.

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